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Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics


"Makoto Kagoshima Ceramics" is a catalog of 130 vibrant ceramics by Makoto Kagoshima commissioned by Chariots on Fire. This book contains the largest documentation of Makoto Kagoshima's one-of-a-kind ceramics work to date.

The select shop "Chariots on Fire" in Abbot Kinney, Venice, California has compiled about 130 works that have been commissioned by Makoto Kagoshima over the past five years in one book.

Using "Kaleido Ink", which has a wider color gamut than before and can be printed vividly, the finish conveys the texture of the pottery as if you picked up the pottery one by one.

Publish date:  January of 2017
Publisher: Chariots on Fire
Foreword by: Ryuko Kida (Elle Decor Japan)
Photo by: Shuji Yoshida
Design / Art direction: Ritz Yagi
140 pages / full color
Printed and bound in Japan


Chariots on fire (Los Angeles)

Ginza TSUTAYA (tokyo, Ginza)

ViVO, VA (Kobe)

doinel (tokyoAoyama)   

Makoto  K agoshima  HP online store

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